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Wicked Creations

Creations brought forth from the Dark

24 August
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I'm 23, married, and mom to our four-year-old son. I enjoy a lot of things, and engaging my creativity and art is one of them. For my personal life, as well as role-playing and whatnot, check my personal journal, jackalibis.

This is my creativity journal. Here is where you will find all things crochet, knit, writing, poetry, photography, artwork, sketches, doodles (the better ones, of course), artistic cooking (BENTO! ^_^), and whatever else I deem worthy to be put here.

Want to be my friend? No worries! Just add me, send me a message and I'll probably add you back. ^_^

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Note that I am a bit of a community lurker. I don't like having to provide introductions on fifteen-billion communities (remember, I have multiple journals here), and so I usually reserve anything down to just comments unless I decide to share something with the community on a whole unless there isn't a "rule" about providing an introduction of yourself. Then I may just jump right in.

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