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This is my creativity journal. Here you will find random things of creation from crochet and knitting to paper crafts, photography, cooking, poetry and prose, LJ icons, banners, colorbars, and more. You can read about my role-playing games, random musings and whatnot at jackalibis.

UPCOMING FOR OCTOBER/NOVEMBER: National Novel Writing Month starts on November 1. Read about my progress and whatnot at keeper_nanos.
I finished the entire body of Cthulhu. He is now stuffed, and looks like he has a *coughpeniscough* thanks to having done a horrible job of closing him up. o_O;;;;;; At least no one can say he's not a boy. *lol*

I've finished one arm, and working on making the other, at which point I'll stuff and attach them. Then on to the wings!

Hubby wants him to have legs, and after some thought and planning, he'll have legs identical to his arms. He'll look a bit like a teddy bear as a result, which makes him even more cute (yes, the redundancy about the amigurumi).

And for anyone interested, I now have my Amazon Wishlist available on the left over there...

<------  Somewhere...

So, umm, yeah. ^_^ Now if I could get my friends to do the same, it'd make life a lot easier.

Photostream of Current Wicked Creations

Here's the photostream that currently includes the Cthulhu, the purple sock, and the afgan I'm making for my paternal grandmother:

And, just in case, here's the Ravelry links:

Tiny Green Cthulhu

Purple Feet Eaters

Nena's Pale Gold

Today Is International Crochet Day!!

Yay for random holidays!

REMEMBER the 12th of September this year is the International Crochet Day!

To celebrate the day try one of the following:

~Crochet in public
~Teach someone to crochet
~promote International Crochet day in your blog
~wear something crocheted made/brought with pride


from http://crochetme.com/forum/international-crochet-day-sep-12th

Also, for a list of some of the random holidays that you can actually send e-cards for at this time, check out Care2's holiday list (by the way, Care2 is a great place for free e-cards, as they donate to charities for each card sent!). http://www.care2.com/send/catholiday.html

Cthulhu is almost finished (thank god!!) but I've lost count somewhere on making the body, so he's looking a little funny. I had already ripped it once and redid it. My hubby said not to worry about it and just finish it up from there since it's not that badly flawed. I'll just wait for pictures until I've got the rest of the actual body done, then I've still got arms, legs and wings to do and he'll be completely finished. Yay!

I've also found a pattern in one of my new books (I've got to add them to my shelfari shelf now) for tube socks, which does not require trying to knit a heel, so I'm in the process of making a sock on DPNs (doublepoint needles). I'm getting better at handling the spikey hedgehog of doom and ubberpain DPNs, and have managed to get about three or four inches of the sock thus far. ^_^ I'm happy about even getting that much on it and it looking sockish. They're just ankle socks, but at least I'm making them. I don't know that once I finish I'll make the other one, as I'm working with a rather course acrilic yarn to make the one I'm working on right now, as I mostly wanted to just try out the pattern. I like the look of the heavier weight, though. I'm using worsted weight (4) rather than fingering, since it's what I had in my stash.

I'll probably pick up some cotton/acrilic yarn next time I go to Hobby Lobby in order to make a pair to actually wear.

It's also giving me an idea about how to better make wrist warmers and/or fingerless gloves. The main problem I'm having in trying to figure out how to knit those is the thumb and fingers (for the ones that actually have partial fingers). Plus all of my yarn that I have enough to attempt to make them is too heavy. I'm going to have to get several skiens of sports or fingering weight first. I could crochet some, I guess, with worsted, but it'll be lacy rather than solid. *shrug*

And on a random side note, I need bento boxes!!! *sigh*

And OMG!!! This one is so cool!


It lets you attach your bento to your bicycle! That is just too awesome. ^_^ But I need to find regular ones as well. Trying to find one for Darian is going to be interesting in itself, but here's a couple I've found that I know he'd like:




Edit: Edited to make links clickable... LJ needs to learn to parse links... *sigh*

Mwahahaha! I found an even better way of doing this from now on. I'll be adding the other books from last time as well, so here we go:

Click on the "Shelfari" button on the bottom of the shelf to access my older stuff (I'll be putting this on my profile as well), or just go to my Shelfari profile. It also includes my "Plan to Read" list, and lets you know which ones I own, what's on my wishlist, and the rest can be assumed that I'm getting from the library if it only says "I've Read" or "I'm Reading Now".

Shelfari even lets me show you the covers of the books, so that's awesomeness. *nods* Yep. I've been using it on and off on another journal, but I haven't updated it recently because it's the "everything I want to read" shelf. This one is just the current list of awesomeness. ^_~

Coming Soon: Awakened (Remixed)

I'm about to start writing again. Yay! ^_^

Yeah, I fell out of it for a while, having got severely discouraged by an extended period of writer's block. And so since I'm holding off on Mayhem High School for NaNoWriMo 2008, I'm going to start work on rewriting the idea for the story that I attempted last year.

In short, the Gods (primarily following those of ancient Egypt) grew sick and tired of humanity, for the most part, ignoring them, or those that did pay attention to them were getting it wrong. So, after a few failed attempts at incarnating themselves into the mortal world, they finally figure out it's better just to create avatars for themselves to inhabit and move around mortals that way. Madness ensues as the mortals they try to "recruit" either continue to disbelieve in them or to get it all wrong. Will humanity ever get it right? You'll just have to read it and see. ^_~

I'll be posting sniplets of it here, and the chapters of it will be hosted on DeviantART (look up Jackalibis for my stuff on DA). So, yeah. There you have it. I'll be posting the prologue later this week (hopefully). ^_^

Holiday Crafting

Holidays are coming.

Gifts are needed.

And my friends are being complicated! GAH! -_-;;;;;

Why can't most of them like simple things? One friends wants a black hat with a d6 bobble. Easily done. *huggles friend* The others, either don't want to just come out and say what they would like, or I actually want to surprise a couple of them (mostly the surprises are going to distant friends, seeing as the locals will likely see what I'm working on anyway, thanks to them always being over *lol*).

Thus, I'm trying to figure out gift ideas. Most of them are gamers, so if I don't figure out anything better before now and then, they're getting dice bags. Easily done. A couple might get hats and/or scarves as well, if I know they'll actually wear them.

I know what I want this year: Knifty Knitter Looms!

They have them at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. I really want the smaller round looms to make socks with. I've seen the results of looming socks and they look a lot easier to handle than having to try to make them on doublepoint needles (which isn't working out too well for me at the moment! *rubs palms* I keep jabbing myself. Ouch!).

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have completed the head! (At long last...)

Unfortunately, I had also lost count on the stitches as I started the rest of the body and had to rip it out and try again. So I'm only just below the neck, but at least I'm on the right stitch count this time. *grin* I'll post pictures later. Today is going to be spent organizing my stash and projects. I'm getting more yarn than what I know to do with at the moment, as I find really good deals to buy large bunches of random yarn from Unclaimed Baggage on occasion, and with other family members and friends gifting me with even more yarn. *lol* I'll be glad when we finish getting everything out of the spare room (currently mostly a storage room), then we'll be able to have it set up as a library/craft room. ^_^  The nice thing about being in a three bedroom house and only needing two bedrooms.

And so, yeah. I'm done for the time being. I've got to get the stash sorted, and start doublechecking all the boxes in the storage room to see what's being kept and what's being donated to the local mission center (which comes and picks the stuff up for you! Yay!). Once this rain passes, we're going to take everything outside and let them load it onto their truck. Which means I'll finally be able to get to my bookshelf again. -_-;;; It's behind all the boxes. Also, I will hopefully be able to finally get the desktop computer set up for Darian at long last, and get myself a place set up to escape within the house.

Upcoming Writings

With NaNoWriMo on the way, I've been thinking about what to do for this year's novel attempt.

At first, I thought I would want to do Awaken (Remixed) as my novel (a remix of last year's short-lived attempt, Awaken, that didn't make it very far before life got in the way). But I decided it would be best to just do that one as a regular writing attempt. So, you'll be able to find that coming up soon.

NaNoWriMo is going to be Mayhem High School. See my NaNo journal, keeper_nanos , for more info on that.

Another story I'm going to be working on is The Wonderland Wars, the fluff story for a role-playing game I'm working on.

And also I'm working on some side-stories for various role-playing characters from Vampire: The Masquerade, Exalted 2nd Ed., Scion: Hero, World of Darkness 2.0, Changeling: The Lost, and Werewolf: The Forsaken. These are just short stories, either preludes, back stories, in-betweens, or what-ifs.

I'll keep everyone updated.

Project Update: Tiny Green Cthulhu!

I got the tentacles made!!! YAY!!!

That...was not fun. I've had fun. That wasn't it. With this project, I've learned a couple of very important things.

1. Always use steel hooks for amigurumi. Aluminum don't like me to try to force them into tiny little spaces.

2. Keep yarns away from toddlers unless you want everything ripped apart before you realize what's happening and why you're not really making progress when you pause to move the stitch counter/safety pin.

3. Using safety pins as stitch counters make any amigurumi look very emo. *lol*

4. Always try to have a picture of the finished project on hand when making amigurumi, especially with anything about Cthulhu. Few people around here have even heard of Lovecraft, and even fewer have ever heard of Cthulhu.

And because I can't remember if I actually made sure to link to it: here is the pattern with a picture of the finished project. Limited color options out of my stash prevent me from attempting the shirt (plus I haven't quite got the hang of switching colors yet), so the finished is going to be a green version of the top picture. I'm still unsure about what to do for the eyes, as I can't find any safety eyes anywhere (and I've looked--even Hobby Lobby didn't have them when we went last!), and I can't order online right now. So... Hmm...

I'll do updated project pictures later... I don't have any of the stuff in here with me at the moment.

And I decided I needed to go back to some from of dark theme, and I managed to find this one today. *smirk* I likes it. It also has a "sticky note" option in the "customize theme" thingy, so I can actually write a summary, add stuff or whatever. So, cool. :)

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