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More Wonderland Madness

For one, I'm about to be getting American McGee's Alice! Yay! With special thanks to mareofearth for having the book and the actual disc. Yayness! *huggles*

Also, Halloween costumes are about to be in the work. I will be going as Alice, and my hubby is going as the Mad Hatter. You can see pictures of my costume concept over on my personal journal, jackalibis 

In addition to that, we will be trying to get some black and purple wool yarns in order to crochet and then felt a top hat for the Hatter. The one for the Halloween costume is just going to be posterboard and fabric. The reason we're taking it a little further is because of an additional project we're looking at doing.

If we can find enough people to actually get involved in it, we're going to start a Wonderland web film. For obvious reasons, we'll need people willing to dress in some rather...unique costumes, a few of whom are familiar with how to operate video cameras, and a snapshot photographer. We haven't cast any roles at all yet, though we have some ideas of who we would like for certain roles, but it's just speculation at the moment.

For one, at the moment, we don't even have a script. A script would be nice. ^_~


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Oct. 6th, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
I sent you an invitation to join my NaNo lj since I decided to post some stuff (mainly excerpts) under f-lock. Join if you want to see the f-locked posts. ^_^
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