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A Note From Me

This is my creativity journal. Here you will find random things of creation from crochet and knitting to paper crafts, photography, cooking, poetry and prose, LJ icons, banners, colorbars, and more. You can read about my role-playing games, random musings and whatnot at jackalibis.

UPCOMING FOR OCTOBER/NOVEMBER: National Novel Writing Month starts on November 1. Read about my progress and whatnot at keeper_nanos.

Getting Back Into Things...

You know, it's a wonder I ever get anything done, considering I have three blogs that I try to keep updated, not to mention the ones I guest-blog at, and running various forums, social networks and the like.

Anyway, I'm about to start doing some form of daily writings, which will be found here. Less "morning pages" and more "I have words blocking the way to my novel! Get them out! Get them out! GET THEM OUT!!!" *smirk* So, that's what this is going to be, okay? There's no telling what I'm going to decide to subject title them, so you'll just have to sort them out yourself if you don't want to read them.

I promise the longer ones will be behind LJ-cuts, though. I try to be kind to people's friends pages. Especially since my own journals show up on my own pages sometimes, so I try to remember to keep it reasonable. I hate having to scroll past stuff I don't have interest in reading at that moment (I'm really bad about doing that with communities).

So, yeah. Expect something sometime in the near future.

Procrastination at its finest...

oYeah, I'm so good at it I haven't even posted in months....

Anywho, a few updates.

Cthulu plush still WIP (arms and wings to go--got frustrated when the arms turned out two different sizes). Wonderland stories slow coming. Other projects got in the way.

Kicked ass in November with NaNoWriMo. Finally made the word count with time to spare. Yay!

And in other news....

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A Problem Arises...

I've noticed two things:

1. Circular needles hate me. 'nuff said.

2. I need more sizes in DPNs. All I have is US 3s, and I need a wider variety in order to make the projects I need. And I've been wondering, is it possible to add extra DPNs to make larger circles in order to make hats and stuff? I have 8 size 3s, and have been tempted to try it. I'm just afraid of getting confused... I may try it one day...

So, umm... Yeah.

This is along the lines of what I need:


We went to Hobby Lobby last night and I found a lot of stuff I want but can't afford right now. I'm also trying to keep myself from buying any yarn until I actually have a project in line for it. I have a hefty stash now thanks to mareofearth.

Right now, I'm knitting a sweater on DPNs for the ferret. She's so small that even the smallest clothes from Petco don't fit her well, so I'm going to give it a shot of making some for her myself. Once I find out the right size, I plan on getting a bit more adventurous with it. The nice thing is I can even use just small balls of scrap yarn for her rather than having to use larger skeins or project yarn. ^_^

More Wonderland Madness

For one, I'm about to be getting American McGee's Alice! Yay! With special thanks to mareofearth for having the book and the actual disc. Yayness! *huggles*

Also, Halloween costumes are about to be in the work. I will be going as Alice, and my hubby is going as the Mad Hatter. You can see pictures of my costume concept over on my personal journal, jackalibis 

In addition to that, we will be trying to get some black and purple wool yarns in order to crochet and then felt a top hat for the Hatter. The one for the Halloween costume is just going to be posterboard and fabric. The reason we're taking it a little further is because of an additional project we're looking at doing.

If we can find enough people to actually get involved in it, we're going to start a Wonderland web film. For obvious reasons, we'll need people willing to dress in some rather...unique costumes, a few of whom are familiar with how to operate video cameras, and a snapshot photographer. We haven't cast any roles at all yet, though we have some ideas of who we would like for certain roles, but it's just speculation at the moment.

For one, at the moment, we don't even have a script. A script would be nice. ^_~

I've started writing again. It feels good. I am happy. ^_^

You can find it here: http://jackalibis.deviantart.com/art/Misadventures-in-Wonderland-98804773

Even better, I have a wonderful friend I made at the library who wants to illustrate it! ^_^ Check out her page at http://garrenn.deviantart.com/

Depending on how it goes, I may back out of NaNo this year just to work on this story. I'm really excited about this one.

Condom Amulets for Teens

As few of you might know, I have a little sister (technically, a half-sister, as we only have the same dad). She just recently turned fourteen and is starting to grow out of the boys=cooties phase. Seeing as there is little more than abstinence taught/supported by local schools, programs, families, etc., I thought it would be a good idea to push more for safer sex.

On Ravelry, there is a group called Knit (or Crochet) a Condom Amulet (found here). I thought this was a great idea, and since our local county health department does give condoms to anyone who requests them (though, as it turns out, I'm allergic to the ones they give out, except on the very rare occasion that they have Trojans... Okay, yeah, I know---TMI, but still). What I was thinking is getting as many as they will give me each month to fill up some amulets with and pass out to young girls and guys that I know are or are likely to become sexually active.

When I was in school (graduated high school in 2003), there had been more pregnancies that led to drop-outs than there were deaths from my graduating class. Seeing as we didn't loose anyone to death, the fact that over 25 girls dropped out between the ages of 16 to 19 is a bit scary. All of them had been pregnant. I know that for most of my school years, I saw several older and younger classmates get pregnant, and in a couple of cases we had the police called to the school after a few girls gave birth to premies in the bathroom and tried to flush the infants down the toilet. WTF?!

It scares me that people are so geared towards teaching abstinence around here rather than safer sex (since there is truly no such thing as "safe sex," since you can still get pregnant or catch STDs despite your best efforts, but you just severely reduce the risks of either). So, if anyone is interested in helping provide amulets for the cause, please PM me and I'll provide shipping information.

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What's even more scary is that the youth of our world are not the only ones at highest risk anymore. Elders are now becoming a startling part of the statistics as they think they don't need protection since they are beyond getting pregnant.

Let's take sex to a safer level. Most county health departments provide free condoms to anyone who walks in requesting them. Not everyone can be on birth control, and for many, condoms are the only option. Condoms should not be stored inside a wallet, due to the bending and whatnot can tear them up. An amulet can be made of something as simple as duct tape and a pair of magnetic fasteners to make it appeasable for guys to carry. Girls will carry anything they find appealing. So let's make sex safer with a little added protection. ^_~

FOs: They Do Exist!

Yes, I actually do have finished objects. They're older, and had been packed away when we moved, so I'm only starting to discover them. And I also finished a scarf I crocheted for this fall. So, I'll be getting pictures up later, since I still have to re-block the purse I had made... It got all squished and tangled, so I've had to wash it (no worries, it's acrylic) and now I need to block it again.

So, what have I finished in the past?
  • Baby blanket for Kiari (finished in February 2008?)
  • Chocolate Cherry Chip Carryall Bag (finished in January 2008)
  • Ferret Hidey Hole (Finished January 2008)
  • Ferret Carry Bag (Finished January 2008)
  • 2 beanie hats (finished November 2007)
  • Countless potholders (finished 2007-2008)
Anything older than that, and it would have been before I got back into crochet. So, that's as far back as anyone will be seeing. Besides, most of anything older than that has been worn out or given away as gifts or donated to thrift stores. So no pictures of anything of that, and I don't remember what all I'd made. I know it was all simple stuff.

There can never be enough ways to connect to people, and having the option for photo, music and video sharing is all the better, in my opinion.

Yarn Musings

I don't get it.

I really don't.

I see so many people saying, "I knit, but I can't crochet to save my life," or "I crochet, but knitting is well beyond me."

I used to get frustrated with trying to learn to knit, but then, I had a good reason to be frustrated. I had shitty needles, an even shittier instruction booklet, and no 'net access to discover easier tutorials from. I couldn't make sense of the instructions (which when I showed them to a seasoned knitter, she couldn't understand them either, so I didn't feel quite so bad afterwards).

Now I'm doing both. Once I got good instructions, knitting was just as easy as crochet for me (save the fact that I'm still doing the very basics and haven't tackled cables and such yet). So, how is it that people think they can do one, but not the other? It just took time, and better instructions.

I hold my yarn to the left for both crochet and knitting. It pulls from whereever it happens to be sitting. I'm not picky. I don't wrap it around my fingers like so many others do due to hyperhidrosis and arthritis. It hurts my hands to do so, and it often soaks the yarn if I try to wrap it. Once I decided to hold the yarn the same way I do for crochet in order to knit (with it draped over the back of my left pointer finger to make it easier to lift it over the hook/needle).

So, if I can do it, why is it so hard for other people? I didn't think I'd ever figure out knitting, but I kept trying, and while I haven't yet got the grasp of circular needles, I can knit in a round on doublepoints, and I can knit, purl, increase and decrease. It's not that difficult, with the right instructions. And so far, the best ones I've ever found are the Stitch 'n' Bitch books, both for knitting and crochet.
Watching pimp_my_altar and pocketshrines , I've decided to play around with some ideas as well. We've bought some mints (of the curiously strong variety ^_~) for the tins, and will be starting on them once I figure out something else to put the mints in... I have two tins to use for my own projects, and my hubby has two for his. All four will probably be showcased here once they're finished, as he doesn't have a journal anywhere (he used to have a GreatestJournal, but never used it, so I'm not going to bother suggesting him sign up for an LJ. I'll just post images up here if he wants to showcase his stuff too).

A love for malas and rosaries has also led to some creative crafting of various types of prayer beads. I'll post some of the better ones later (trust me, some of them aren't all that great to bother with--they're probably going to be taken apart and restrug as a part of something else). I'll probably show off some of the ones we've bought over the years, especially the rosewood rosaries.

I'll be in touch. <3

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